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SelectQuote, Inc. Hires Dr. Alan Muney as Chief Medical Officer and Simeon Schindelman as Senior Executive Healthcare Advisor

August 25, 2022

OVERLAND PARK, Kan.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- SelectQuote, Inc. (NYSE: SLQT) has hired Alan Muney, MD, as part-time Chief Medical Officer, and Simeon Schindelman as Senior Executive Healthcare Advisor. Dr. Muney will focus on healthcare strategy solutions for SelectQuote healthcare services, which encompasses Population Health and SelectRx, bringing extensive experience operating clinical strategy within a national Medicare Advantage health plan and large provider groups. Mr. Schindelman will lead and advise innovative solution development for various healthcare channels, bringing vast health plan knowledge and leadership for healthcare services and SelectQuote.

Dr. Muney will provide strategic guidance on program development and execution for health plan initiatives focusing on member engagement, clinical quality, and care delivery. He will also drive initiatives that support healthcare services members in accessing high-value medical and clinical services to achieve improved health outcomes.

“As a chief medical officer, I know the only definition of consumer engagement should be an engagement that improves health. SelectQuote can use its proven superior consumer engagement to partner with health plans and value-based providers to improve their Stars, HEDIS, and member satisfaction performance,” says Dr. Muney.

Mr. Schindelman will bring his deep strategic understanding of healthcare and transformative perspective to understand the key needs of members, health plans, and new channel partners. He will design and build creative products and services aligning with the needs of all stakeholders.

“SelectQuote earns loyal and trusting relationships with consumers. These enduring relationships allow SelectQuote to educate and support consumers in ways that are personally meaningful but far too rare in healthcare,” Mr. Schindelman states. “I'm very excited to help SelectQuote expand how it improves healthcare for each unique consumer by working closely with healthcare providers, health plans, and others to help them better deliver the products and services consumers need and want.”

Dr. Muney is a physician and executive leader with more than 35 years of experience leading healthcare payor and provider organizations. Most recently, he served as Cigna's Chief Medical Officer and EVP of Total Health and Network, overseeing clinical strategy, coverage policy, quality measurement and improvement, and total health physician and clinical operations. Before Cigna, Dr. Muney was an Executive Director in the Private Equity Group at Blackstone and the CEO of Equity Healthcare, which he founded to manage the healthcare costs of Blackstone's portfolio companies. Alan was also EVP, Chief Medical Officer of Oxford Health Plans, and Chief Medical Officer of UnitedHealthcare of the Northeast region from 1998-2007.

Simeon Schindelman is a 35-year healthcare industry veteran with broad experience and repeated success in senior executive roles. Transformative innovation is his trademark. He has excelled at identifying unfilled marketplace needs; designing, building, and then operating creative product/service combinations that meet those needs; bringing them to market with high-impact go-to-market approaches; and doing so with a deep strategic understanding of the healthcare business from the vantage points of its many stakeholders. Simeon most recently served as the Chief Executive Officer of Bright HealthCare, the Medicare Advantage, Individual, and Commercial health plan and largest business of Bright Health Group. Before joining Bright HealthCare, Mr. Schindelman served as founder and CEO of Create Health Plans and CEO of MagnaCare and served as chairman and CEO of Bloom Health.

“Dr. Muney’s extensive background in optimizing care delivery for Medicare Advantage and implementing innovative healthcare delivery will assist SelectQuote in continuing to grow our healthcare services business,” said Bob Grant, President, SelectQuote, Inc. “His broad knowledge and experience in medical practice, policy, and programs and his ability to identify opportunities for operational improvement will help our healthcare service delivery and business overall. Additionally, adding Simeon to our team will help us continue to grow healthcare services while improving and expanding our current distribution business. He has worked with several emerging healthcare businesses during his career, and his innovative and entrepreneurial spirit in the industry will be an asset to SelectQuote.”

About SelectQuote:

Founded in 1985, SelectQuote (NYSE: SLQT) provides solutions that help consumers protect their most valuable assets: their families, health, and property. The company pioneered the model of providing unbiased comparisons from multiple, highly-rated insurance companies allowing consumers to choose the policy and terms that best meet their unique needs. Two foundational pillars underpin SelectQuote’s success: a strong force of highly-trained and skilled agents who provide a consultative needs analysis for every consumer, and proprietary technology that sources and routes high-quality leads. The company has three core business lines: SelectQuote Senior, SelectQuote Life, and SelectQuote Auto and Home. SelectQuote Senior, the largest and fastest-growing business, serves the needs of a demographic that sees 10,000 people turn 65 each day with a range of Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans.

SelectQuote’s healthcare services business proactively connects its members with best-in-class healthcare services that fit each member's unique healthcare needs. The platform seeks to improve health outcomes and lowers healthcare costs through proactive engagement and access to high-value healthcare solutions.

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